Virtual Guitar Lessons


Bright Futures LAB specializes in servicing students K-12th Grade with diverse learning exceptionalities. Education spills beyond academics in core subjects. We now are offering Virtual Guitar Lessons! Virtual Sessions are offered for students who are local,  traveling, living in another town or state, or even uncomfortable in a face-to-face setting. These lessons are on Tuesdays and Thursdays and last 45 minutes. They are for beginning learners.

Virtual Tutoring Focus

★ Students will develop the confidence to play a musical instrument. 

★ Achieve success beyond the bounds of the classroom walls.

★ A safe place to ask questions that a student might not feel comfortable asking in a large group setting.

★ Lessons target the student’s individualized needs based on their skill level with their instrument & supports the student’s preferred learning style.

★ Discuss, target, and clarify concepts.

    Initial Procedures

    ● Parents will complete a Parent/Student Input Survey by email.

    ● Parents will schedule sessions with the Administrative Team at 772.251.9552

    ● Bright Futures LAB will administer Initial Assessment at the time of the first virtual session.

    ● Parents will provide any records needed and any other documents necessary prior to the first virtual session.

    ● Bright Futures LAB will conduct a formal conference with the caretakers either by phone or video conference if needed.

      First Session Procedures

      Our first priority is ensuring your student is comfortable in our environment and with our educators.  On your student’s first day, parents and students may:

      ● Virtual Tour of the LAB!

      ● Meet the Music Teacher!

      ● Complete an engaging “Getting to Know You!” Activity!

      ● Learn more about what we offer!

      ● LEARN TO PLAY! 

        Virtual Tutoring Rates: Please reach out to our Administrative Team for pricing information, as these rates vary based on the individual student need, availability, and preferences of parents.