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Private Bootcamps

Private Bootcamps can be scheduled upon request and are a 1-day, comprehensive, 3-hour strategy-based course taught by a certified teacher with experience instructing to prepare for specific assessments. We advise that students begin their test prep at least 2-3 months prior to their projected testing date. Our Bootcamps will make sure your student is not only well versed on the test materials, but that they will succeed! Additional practice is provided to be completed at home prior to taking the test. All materials are provided. 

Private Bootcamp Focus

  • Students will develop test-taking strategies to achieve specific scores. 

  • Student need and areas of support. 

  • Instruction targets all subject areas of the test. 

Course Cost: Please reach out to our Administrative Team for pricing information. 

Test Prep Recommendations 

  • Decide on the score range you want to achieve based on which colleges you will apply to.

  • Set up a practice schedule with incremental practice exams and study sessions.

  • Stick to your plan, and get professional help by taking a Bootcamp.

  • Take at least one full-length practice test so you are used to the timing prior to testing. 

  • Retake the test at least once so you can improve your score

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