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Summer Climb Small
Group Tutoring

Summer Climb: Welcome

Bright Futures LAB carefully crafts your student’s Summer Learning Plan based on their individualized needs. We are preventing the Summer Slide and creating the Summer Climb by providing Small Group Sessions! We specialize in servicing students K-12th Grade with diverse learning exceptionalities. Instruction is tailored based on data provided to us from the student’s Educational Institution and through the Initial Assessment conducted by Bright Futures LAB.

Why prevent the Summer Slide? How can you work on the Summer Climb?

Summer Slide is known as summer learning loss. This is the backward movement that many students make over the summer breaks when they forget skills that were taught in the previous school year. This loss of learning needs to be accounted for during classroom instructional time in the beginning of a new school year. So, students are spending time relearning foundational skills, rather than learning new material. Studies have shown that students who suffer from the Summer Slide every year can fall two years behind their peers. Therefore, it is critical to prevent the Summer Slide and create the Summer Climb.

Summer Climb Small Group Tutoring

Bright Futures LAB carefully crafts lessons for Small-Group sessions that are student-centered and focused on ELA and Math Skills for students in K-12th Grade. Instruction is tailored based on data provided to us from the student’s Educational Institution and through the Initial Assessment conducted by Bright Futures LAB. Small Groups during Summer Climb are created according to grade level.

Summer Climb Small Group Tutoring Focus

★ Students will develop the confidence to be successful in the classroom in the future school year.

★ Students will work with other peers their age to be successful.

★ Achieve success beyond the bounds of the classroom walls.

★ A safe place to ask questions in a Small-Group setting that a student might not feel comfortable asking in a classroom environment.

★ Instruction targets the student’s individualized needs and supports the student’s preferred learning styles.

★ Discuss, target, and clarify concepts.

★ Homework help, review notes and/or readings, study for quizzes/assessments, reteach the material needed.​

Summer Climb Initial Assessment & Records Procedures

● Parents will complete a Parent/Student Input Survey.

● Parents will schedule sessions with the Administrative Team at 772.251.9552

● Bright Futures LAB will administer Initial Assessment at the time of the first session.

● Parents will provide available academic records and any other documents necessary.

● Bright Futures LAB Administrative Team will review available records provided and Initial Assessment.

● Bright Futures LAB will conduct a formal conference with the caretakers either by phone or in-person if needed.

    Summer Climb First Session Procedures

    Our first priority is ensuring your student is comfortable in our environment and with our educators.  On your student’s first day, parents and students may:

    ● Tour the LAB!

    ● Meet the Tutor!

    ● Complete an engaging “Getting to Know You!” Activity!

    ● Icebreaker Activity 

    ● Learn more about what we offer!

    ● Review the Parent/Student Input Survey!

    ● Administer Pre Session Assessment!

    ● Request a formal conference (if needed)! 

      Summer Climb Rates

      • $200 Per Month

      • Non- Refundable Registration Fee: $50

      • Students will meet for one hour, one time per week. 

      Summer Climb Schedule


      • 4:30 PM - VPK

      • 4:30 PM - 1st Grade

      • 5:45 PM - Kindergarten

      • 5:45 PM - 2nd Grade

      • 7:00 PM - 6th & 7th Grade

      • 7:00 PM - TBD Overflow Slot


      • 4:30 PM - Pre VPK Grade Group

      • 4:30 PM - TBD Overflow Slot

      • 5:45 PM - 3rd Grade

      • 5:45 PM - 4th Grade

      • 7:00 PM - 5th Grade

      • 7:00 PM - 8th Grade

      ***As grade groups fill up on Mondays & Tuesdays, TBD Overflow Slots will be filled, as needed. 

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