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In Loving Memory of Victoria Rose Matta

Bright Futures LAB's Promise

Tori was a long-time student here at Bright Futures LAB and we PROMISE to help tell her story. Our goal is to forever carry her memory on.  Please read on to learn more about Tori Rose and how you can help support her Foundation. 

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Leaf Pattern Design
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Tori Rose's Story
Written By: The Matta Family 

Victoria “Tori” Rose Matta is the younger daughter of Eliu and Velinda Matta and the younger sister of Mariah. Tori is a child of God who while on earth was full of life, smart, energetic, and athletic child who was very wise beyond her years. Tori was the type of child that everyone gravitated to regardless of whether you were an adult or a child her age. When Tori wasn’t at school being a scholar student or perfecting her soccer skills, she was playing with her friends or hanging out with family and simply brought joy anywhere she was. As Tori grew older, each day she became closer to God and wanted to understand the meaning of her existence. Pursuing her truth, Victoria was known to help less fortunate kids at school and was a leader on her soccer team. When Tori wasn’t at school or playing soccer, she loved spending time watching WWE wrestling with her dad or watching the newest Sci-Fi show on Netflix with her mother. As important as Tori’s parents were to her, no one was more important than her big sister Mariah. 


On countless occasions, Tori and Mariah could be found shopping around town and ending their day eating ice cream or frozen yogurt. When the two sisters weren’t running up and down the Treasure Coast, they most likely would be found shoulder-to-shoulder painting canvases in the garage at home. Towards the final years of her life, through Mariah’s guidance, Tori discovered God and spent many days in church with her big sister. When the two sisters weren’t practicing soccer, shopping, painting, or at church, Tori would make her way to sneak a peek at Mariah’s college dorm and hang out with the “college kids”. Those who knew Tori knew one thing, she was perfect, God’s living angel on earth, and we were honored to know her.

During Tori’s last months on this earth, much of what she loved including school and soccer was taken from her, which despite how unfortunate that was allowed her philanthropic spirit to develop. Tori witnessed countless situations where sick children had to be left alone at times so one or both of their parents could work and provide support for their care. We experienced this excruciating ultimatum firsthand and know there is no greater need during this journey than to be by your child's side every moment possible. Tori wanted to help others; she allowed her cancer to be researched and wished for parents of fellow sick children to have that time together without the burden of financial constraints that cancer treatment inevitably brings. 


The Tori Rose Foundation Inc. was created to support Tori’s final wish of elevating the financial constraints of children and families that cancer treatment brings. Your donation to the Tori Rose Foundation will support the families of children battling cancer. For each donation received as a token of appreciation you will officially become part of the army to fight cancer known as “Victoria’s Warriors” and together we as the army and community will support and bring awareness to strengthen the resources available to families in need. No one fights alone! 

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