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Learning Groups

Bright Futures LAB offers learning groups for homeschool students to expand their knowledge and academic skills, while also developing social skills to create lasting friendships. We carefully use various learning methods for Small-Groups that are fun, engaging and student-centered. Lessons are tailored based on student ability levels and are hosted by our Highly Qualified and Florida Certified Educators.


2024-2025 School Year: 

Homeschool groups during this school year are for Kindergarten - 6th Grade.

We will roll out additional grades in the coming school years.

Homeschool FAQs

  • Bright Futures LAB is not to be confused with a co-op. Florida Certified Educators instruct our lessons. 

  • Students will develop the confidence to be successful in everyday situations with learning and social activities.

  • Fun and engaging activities and lessons. 

  • Students will learn to work collaboratively with other peers.

  • Achieve success beyond the bounds of the classroom walls. 

  • A safe place to ask questions in a Small-Group setting that a student might not feel comfortable asking in a traditional setting or situation. 

  • Instruction targets the student’s educational needs and supports the student’s preferred learning styles. 

  • Discuss, target, and clarify concepts with engaging interactive lessons. 

Every student can learn, but not on the same day or in the same way! 


  • Parents utilize their choice of the curriculum in their home environment, while Bright Futures LAB targets academic skills gaps while reinforcing and enhancing core subjects during our weekly scheduled lessons. 

  • Parents can choose to use the same curriculum as Bright Futures LAB and be provided with information on how to access the curriculum or simply choose to use their own curriculum for the days that their student is not with us. 

  • We do recommend parents use the same curriculum as Bright Futures LAB, but it is not required. 

  • Lessons are structured according to core academic subjects: ELA, Math, Social Studies, and Science. 

  • Students will be assessed 3 times a year: Beginning, Middle, and End. 

Grade Levels

  • Students are split into two grade-level bands-Kindergarten - 6th Grade.

  • Students are separated according to grade levels during instructional time and will join groups during the last portion of the class for collaborative learning. 

Homeschool Learning Groups Schedule

  • Classes will be held on Tuesdays & Thursdays from 9 AM-12 PM.

  • More information can be located in the pricing chart at the bottom of the page. 

Initial Assessment & Records Procedures

  • Bright Futures LAB and parents will determine whether private or small group sessions would be an appropriate placement for students in homeschool groups.

  • Parents will complete a Registration Form-Parent/Student Input Survey.

  • Parents will schedule sessions with the Administrative Team at 772.251.9552.

  • Bright Futures LAB may administer Initial Assessment at the time of the first session, if determined necessary. 

  • Parents will provide available academic records and any other documents necessary.

  • Bright Futures LAB Administrative Team will review available records provided and Initial Assessment, if determined necessary. 

  • Bright Futures LAB will conduct a formal conference with the caretakers either by phone or in person if needed.

  • Meet the Teacher Events will be scheduled at the start of the school year and information will be given upon registration.

First Session Procedures  

Our first priority is ensuring your student is comfortable in our environment and with our educators. On your student’s first day, parents and students may:

  • Tour the LAB!

  • Meet the Teacher!

  • Complete an engaging “Getting to Know You!” Activity! 

  • Icebreaker Activity if placed in a small group setting! 

  • Learn more about what we offer! 

  • Review the Parent/Student Input Survey! 

  • Administer Pre Session Assessment!

  • Request a formal conference (if needed)! 


Homeschool Small-Group Tutoring Rates

  • You will be billed directly from Bright Futures LAB, LLC.

  • The Registration Fee is due at the time of Registration. 

  • Students will receive a login and password to our secure system that houses all student information.

  • Parents will receive lesson notes after each student’s session at Bright Futures LAB. 

  • Students registering for our Homeschool Small-Group Learning Program will be enrolled for the entire school year=10 months.

  • Tuition can be paid Monthly or by the Semester. Semester payments will receive a 10% discount for non-scholarship students. 

  • Bright Futures LAB proudly partners with Step Up Scholarships. Parents can apply directly on the Step-Up Website and if approved, funds can be utilized for Homeschool Sessions. Scholarship students will make payments Quarterly.

Please reach out to our Administrative Team for any pricing information questions or availability.


Homeschool Learning Group Schedules

9 AM - 12 PM

Kinder - 2nd Grade


Tuesday & Thursday




9 AM - 11AM

Core Subjects

11 AM - 11:15 AM

Snack & Story Time

11:15 AM - 12 PM


9 AM - 12 PM

3rd - 6th Grade


Tuesday & Thursday




9 AM - 11 AM

Core Subjects

11 AM - 11:15AM

Snack & Break

11:15 AM - 12 PM




New Student Registration Fee = $125.00

Returning Student Registration Fee = $100.00

School Year Facility Supply/Curriculum Fee = $200.00




5 Months

$1875- 10% ($187.50) = $1687.50

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